New Look

on Wednesday, 1 March 2006
Woohoo! First release of new look. Been tweaking this for quite a while, yet there are still quite a few tweaks I'll want to try out later. Aside from more hacking and tweaking of the template, still waiting for the time to check out, more Technorati stuffs, Google's AdSense, and Flickr.

EDIT: A bit more tweaks are in... ^-^

5 responses:

neotrax said...
2/3/06 15:15

nice layout dlim.....

wyejon said...
2/3/06 21:40

hey the hidden comments frame is a cool feature... how did u do it?

nevermind... later when i have time i curi tengok ur template source

David said...
2/3/06 21:47

Heh, thanks. Check out the "Blogger Hacks" link on the right. A lot of fun stuffs to try out.

neotrax said...
9/3/06 22:28

hey dlim... i can't seem to find that hidden comment hacks. which one is it?

David said...
11/3/06 09:01

oops... misinformation. try searching for 'hidden comment' on