God's Debris

on Friday, 24 March 2006
I just read a rather thought-provoking book by Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert. There's a banner on that comic page that links to a page offering the free download of God's Debris. It's apparently a really big success story.

Why is it a good read? Precisely because it's rather controversial and thought-provoking. It's like a cross between fiction and philosophy, where ideas are presented via a simple story. I find it a very interesting read and opens up my mind to several perspectives I haven't thought of. Although some of it might sound far-fetched, but for some reason, they just seem to click and sound reasonable. Go figure.

A word of warning though, DO NOT read if you're narrow-minded and easily offended by views and ideas that do not subscribe to the norm. The story is presented as a dialogue and the discussions touch upon religion, evolution, human nature, relationships, and reality. The best way to enjoy the read is to be open and neither accept nor reject the views, but to simply ponder... and argue (if anyone wants to argue the points, I'd be happy to oblige, I like to argue ^-^).

There's apparently a sequel, called the Religion War, that was hinted at near the end of God's Debris. My curiosity is definitely piqued. Unfortunately, the price at Amazon means it'll probably cost at least RM60 around here, if the government even approves of it... Oh well.

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