5 Years for Manslaughter

on Friday, 17 February 2006
What?! Five years for manslaughter? Only? This is turning out to be another of those silly "Malaysia Boleh" thing again. What sort of justice and fairness is a simple 5 years sentence to the 5 Thais who beat one of our own countrymen to death? How can the court expect the victim's family to feel consoled by such a sentence?

Since when has the sentence for manslaughter be similar to the sentences of snatch thefts? While I do understand the point where the victim was most likely provoking the Thais and likely "digging his own grave" as they say, given the reactions of the Thais on hearing the sentence, it is obviously too light. A sentence doesn't give joy to the perpetrators, they should be dreaded of it and makes other people feel fearful, as a deterrent and lesson never to do it again. 5 years only is almost a mockery of the worth of a person's life.

2 responses:

Anonymous said...
17/2/06 14:23

YESSSS... Thanks to the judges and Malaysia's justice systems, now I can start planning to kill the someone I have hated, and will continue to hate, for my whole life, and it only costs me 5 years makam curry rice. Yes... Thanks again.

joviannesse said...
20/2/06 11:08

its a bit absurd, isnt it?

i really pity the lawyer who died.

this aint no justice!