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on Tuesday, 28 March 2006
I've been meaning to do this ever since I started tagging. Tag? What's that? Sites like and Technorati offer bookmark and blog taggings for categorisation and organisation.

See that selection box on the left with the header "Topics"? Those topics are my tags. Selecting any one of the topics and clicking 'Go' will change the area below, headed by "Topic Posts" to display links to the most recent posts that are tagged with the selected topic. Neat eh? It's a multi-select box too, so you can select several topics and 'Go' for pages tagged with all the selected topics. Did I do do that? Of course not. The script is from FreshTags.

Isn't tedious to tag all your previous posts? Yes, it was. But I can't help it... :P A couple a day and now I'm finally done tagging. My blog posts anyway... now for all my bookmarks... Ugh.

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Greg said...
1/4/06 15:28

Hi David,

Noticed you're using FreshTags. If you'd like, you can visit Freshblog and get added to our blogroll. You can also read up on using styles (eg colours, layout etc) to make FreshTags blend in a little better to your template.

Also, we've got a post on tips for retro-fitting tags to your blog - we'd love to hear about your experiences!