Sexually-motivated Fools

on Friday, 27 June 2003
The Sun today carried another news article about an Indon woman who was gang-raped by 8 men and then left on a road shoulder in Shah Alam. The rape part of the article: heinous and barbaric. I still say yes to castration for those animals. People know how to control their base-level emotions, animals don't. The "leaving on roadside" part occurs in many a gang rape. That part is plain stupid, dumb, idiotic and downright moronic. What? They think the victim won't report them? They think the victim would just call a taxi, go home and forget about it? Talk about fools if they think they could get away.

When are we going to castrate all of them!!! Look at how effective it was in curbing unwanted sexual activities back in ancient China where the Emperor doesn't have to worry about his eunuchs and concubines cheating on him. ^-^

Sexual Crimes

on Wednesday, 25 June 2003
Since I'm moody, I'm in the mood for some rant. I always write better (especially poetry) when I'm feeling like this.

I'm sure everyone who's been in this country for the past couple of days would've known about the terrible incident that occurred to Canny Ong. It is so sad that such things still happen and in such a cruel manner.

And not just this, the amount of sexual crimes has been on the increase of late, be they the 'date rape' sort or incest crimes. Why? I really wonder. What's wrong with those men? Is their urge for sexual satisfaction so great that nothing short of rape can satisfy them? Don't they realise that their mothers and sisters are also female? Would they condone rapes on them then?

My friends and I discussed this last night, and we think that the main problem is due to the accessibility of pornographic material and our education and moral system. Porn movies portray women as sex objects, since they're mostly geared towards male audiences; mainly because males tend to be more easily aroused through visual stimulation (an article carried by the Star some years ago), whereas females are more imagination-oriented.

Getting back, we think that porn stuff is the catalyst, or the 'push', that propels those men to commit those heinous crimes. The prime factor is education, or the lack of it.

Yeah, sure, we get that so-called sex education in our biology books. It teaches us about our sexual organs, physically. But there's actually no mention about how one is supposed to actually have sex. There's also no mention about how sex affects people emotionally and physiologically, not even in moral classes, where it should have been stressed, especially on the consequences of unsafe or pre-marital intercourse. Naturally, everyone's curious. And those men, being part the more aggressive sex, and still having the residual mentality of male superiority, never thought about the consequences of their actions, only the thrill of the moment.

How can we put a stop, at least a stopper, to this? I wonder what would be the sentence imposed upon the rapist and murderer of Canny Ong... death by hanging? Won't that seem too light a sentence? I'm thinking castration, then life imprisonment, or public humiliation. Barbaric? I definitely don't think so. I do recall a period of time when newspapers published readers' opinions on castration for rapists. Most said no, preferring the more slower and humane way of "educating" the people (I believe some women's group are also included, can't remember, too long ago). Well, I'd say they're too naive, and too idealistic.

The best way to deter is to instill fear. Then, after they are suffciently cowed and discouraged, start educating the younger generation. The older generation (out of schools) are mostly likely beyond re-education. You just can't change them much anymore, so ignore them, punish them, and educate the young.

I can see immediate benefits of castration (plus caning, compensation, community work, and public humiliation - muah-hah-ha!) over long prison terms:

  1. It's a reciprocal punishment: they scar the victim for life, so the law must scar them for life as well.
  2. No one has to worry about a repeat offender, since the... uhh... tool, has been removed. (To be more inhumane, take away the ability to father offspring too, in case they pass on bad genes.)
  3. No need to waste resources on keeping them in prison, when our prisons are already bursting at the seams.
  4. Death penalty? Why? Why give them the luxury of death when the victim has to get on with her life? Humiliate them publicly, and let them carry the shame. Should make the victim feel much better than death, imprisonment, or caning sentences.
  5. Acts as a BIG deterrent for would-be rapists: I'm sure nothing would be more humiliating to us men than having to lose our manhood and then having that fact publicised to the nation.

There's my rather long two cents on rape crimes. All you rapists and would-be rapists really makes me believe in religion and wish that there's a terrible Hell where you would rot in for all eternity, plus having to go through the fear, pain, and trauma over and over again, both in life and death!!! (How's that for a curse? :P )

Moody Day

Today is my moody day. It's something I coined. It happens to me once in a while, usually every couple of weeks, though it's frequency is rather random. On such a day, I tend to feel bored, in the sense that I don't feel like doing anything (as in "no mood" to do anything). My friends describe me as "deep in thought" or "looking troubled" during such days.

I don't know why it occurs, it just does. I'm not even thinking or pondering anything, I just... feel melancholic about everything.. and nothing. Hard to describe.

My Missing Heart

on Monday, 23 June 2003
Well, I'm browsing for other people's blogs to add to my blogs list of reads. I wonder how people do that? Also, I should take some time out to look at the additional stuffs that people add to their blogs (like feedback, counters, and such). It's been quite a looooong time since I managed a website.

I'm chatting with my girlfriend on ICQ. Yes, she went home. She tagged along when her brother came up for a day. Sigh. You can miss someone so much that just seeing that someone, and then having to say goodbye too soon, will just make you miss that someone so much MUCH more! :`( My missing heart. Double meaning: missing her and my heart's missing (cos it's next to her). Argh!!

Sometimes I regret asking her to work at home. She's been studying in KL for awhile and I thought that since she's going to be living in KL (hee*2, marriage, what else?), I just thought she should stay at home with her family for at least a year or two. Bad choice? I dunno. Can't be too selfish I guess. But she did have a point when she said that if she worked here, it would be much easier for her to go home and see her family than it is to come up and see me. The excuse would be good: Going home. But right now the excuse: go see boyfriend, is definitely not workable... Oh well. I can tahan! (means "endure" in Malay)

Links and stuffs

on Saturday, 21 June 2003
Slowly adding more links to other blogs. Kinda difficult to read and find those that I like in one go.

Since I'm on links, anyone heard of Colorgenics? There's a free test there that I take regularly: Mood Analysis. You have to click on a couple of colour cubes in order of which colour you feel most in-tune with. It's not a rushed thing, you're supposed to take your time. Instructions are in the test itself. Anyway, what I find most intriguing about it is that the analysis is very acurate. So far (average once a month, almost a year now), the results haven't generated things I didn't agree with.

And speaking of tests (yes, I'm quite a test freak), there are tonnes of them at Emode, but you'd have to open an account. If you don't want to, try out The nice thing about the latter is that you actually get a comparison of your results with people who've already taken it.

My girlfriend is on her way up! Ahhh, sweet. I totally understand the difficulties of long-distance relationships. Can get lonely at times. But it makes meetings all the more valuable. I just hope we won't get smacked with summons for a walk in the park!!! ;)

Lack of Manpower? or Willpower?

on Thursday, 19 June 2003
Rising cases of snatch thefts and rape: lack of manpower. Uncollected summons: lack of manpower. Illegally and dangerously parked cars: lack of manpower. Reckless driving and speeding on highways: lack of manpower. Rampant piracy of intellectual properties: lack of manpower. Easily obtainable pornographic VCDs: lack of manpower. (I'm sure there's more but nothing comes to mind right now, so I'll end.) PM starts commenting on pirated and pornographic VCDs: suden burst of manpower for commendable results. Ministers on the road: no lack of enforcement escorts.

Someone said: "You can do anything you put your minds to"; how true.

PS: No one mentioned pirated software, so it's still pretty available.

My Ambition... an Express Bus Driver

The Star today carried an article on the proposal to raise the speed limit of express buses. Our Transport Minister parliamentary secretary Datuk Donald Lim was reported saying:

"Companies should discourage their drivers from trying to maximise the number of trips just for additional income."

I kinda find it amusing. No offense to Datuk Lim but I think the statement was made in bad taste. Getting income is the main, if not the only, reason those drivers drive. Most assuredly it's not for love of the job. If given the opportunity, I would want extra income too. Similarly for the express bus companies, they want to maximise their profits too.

If the drivers were to drive less frequently, they would have less money to feed their families, the express bus companies would earn less profit (which in turn slightly slows economic growth), and customers will find it even harder to get tickets (less trips = less tickets), especially during peak periods (before and after no-work days i.e. Mondays, Fridays, holidays). I know, I take regular trips south. Better screening and training for careful drivers would probably be more successful in the long term.

Just had to let something out. Not a very good day today.

More National Service Doubts

Ya know, I just thought of something. How exactly will patriotism be instilled? This got me thinking and then I suddenly realised that there's a similar subject already implemented: Moral Studies! Our "national servicers" will have to study and memorise the values of patriotism! Then a small exam will be held at the end of three months to evaluate their "patriotic grade". Anyone who fails will have to resit! Hee*2, just a joke on my part but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm correct.

After SARS, we have DVVT

Anyone else felt irritated by that new Perodua advertisement for their Kembara DVVT? I did. Quite irritated actually at the way they decided to market their new vehicle.

The way they did was lie DVVT was some sort of disease. My mom actually thought it really was some sort new disease since she doesn't understand much English (when she saw the ad on TV). Is this poor taste on the part of the advertisers/Perodua? Or is it just me? I find that this is kinda like making light of the SARS problem and doesn't take into consideration the real danger and fear experienced by SARS victims and their families.

I donno, maybe I'm just overreacting.

Another point which I find funny was the two points highlighted by the advertisement: "Faster" and "Overtaking Power". And here the government and most of the public (not me :P though) are trying to get people to drive slower and safer.

National Service: All set to go?

My first blog entry! err... second... anyway, woohoo!! (cause: sleep deprivation)

This is something I thought about yesterday (I think). I can't help but get the feeling that this whole national service thingy is gonna fail. I'm not trying to be against whatever the government proposes, it's just that history is repeating itself. The government's not putting in enough research, surveys, and planning; similar to the education- and English-related problem which I'm not going to get into for fear of ISA threats.

Sure, the whole instilling patriotism and cultivating racial tolerance and harmony is a noble and worthwhile pursuit. But the fundamental question has not been answered: Will it work? Ideally yes, but human beings are far from ideal. The common argument, which no one in the government seems to have even attempted to debunk, is what can a 3-month stint in army training do where an 11-year education period failed. At least they're starting to admit that there is a problem.

My main concern is this: why are they attempting to cure an 11-year-old disease at the age of 18, rather than attempting to prevent it at the age of 7 (or the age where primary education begins). I've been through school in a private school, and even there people have been seriously afflicted by it. The bias, falsely perceived or otherwise, is the main cause. It's aggravated when they return home and are influenced by family and friends who are in turn afflicted by a variant strain of it in the workplace.

Our PM, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahatir, has several times exhorted the proponents of war against terrorism to tackle the root of the problem. They listen, but never heed. It's the same problem locally. The public says, the government listens, nobody heeds. Shouldn't we tackle the root of the problem of racial polarisation? Since 11 years of education seems to have worsened it, isn't it logical to start re-examining the system? Apparently not. The government is more concerned with the language used rather than how it is moulding the students.

As for public opinion, none are sought. No professionals (in sociology, psychology, whatever) have been consulted, no parents have been invited for discussions, and no students have been asked for opinions. This is an RM500 million (right?) project. If it were me, I'd do everything I could to make sure it goes smoothly and with popular support. But no. The government appears set on bulldozing the idea through to the people, again. Three months can significantly affect a family's lives. A poor family needs even the small income that a part-time son or daughter brings in. A scholarship offer for a student could be a one-time deal. Sure, the student could apply for postponement, but who's to say that particular aspect won't be like all other aspects of civil service: slow (unbelievably).

And more, random selection on who's to go first? Wow! I wonder who came up with the idea. If they wanted to segment the population of 18-year olds, they could've suggested it go by their IC number. Randomisation? What for? So some small software house can come up with some crap software and earn big bucks for it? And with the level of transparency our country is famous for, who's gonna guarantee that it will be random and not biased toward the not-so-prosperous segments of society?

Ahhh... nice length for a first-timer eh? Hee*2. Anyway, I just hope that rationale wins this time and not idealism and whim, but... I wouldn't bet on it. I just pity my sister who'll have to go through this. I just hope that it won't disrupt her studies and that all the necessary precautions against harassment, bias, and segregation will be taken (again, I wouldn't bet on it).


on Wednesday, 18 June 2003
I finally got my own blog. I wonder how long I would maintain this, considering how much I lack of determination and follow-through. Well, at least I got it started. Took some time figuring out the title too.