A New Homepage is Born!

on Wednesday, 22 March 2006
Phew... I've dug around and decided to just set up a GeoCities account with a basic web template that I'll play around with when I have the time. Visit it here. It's not necessary to visit though. There's not much there at all. Why'd I do it? Well, so I have somewhere to host my "favicon.ico" file and a place to put my del.icio.us tag cloud. Hehe. Look at your URL bar. See that nice little icon next to my blog address? It's the third generation of it already. I just scrapped the earlier ones and just kept it simple, seeing that I only have 16 by 16 pixels to work with anyway.

Oh, and in case anyone's interested, in addition to the favicon converters/generators links I posted earlier, this logo generator is pretty helpful in producing simple word-based images with customisable size, font, and textures. Unfortunately, that page is loaded with ads and can be slow to load. Luckily, I use Mozilla Firefox with a nifty and very useful plugin called Adblock. It allows you to filter away ads from pages so the browser won't even load them at all.

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