5 Years for Manslaughter

on Friday, 17 February 2006
What?! Five years for manslaughter? Only? This is turning out to be another of those silly "Malaysia Boleh" thing again. What sort of justice and fairness is a simple 5 years sentence to the 5 Thais who beat one of our own countrymen to death? How can the court expect the victim's family to feel consoled by such a sentence?

Since when has the sentence for manslaughter be similar to the sentences of snatch thefts? While I do understand the point where the victim was most likely provoking the Thais and likely "digging his own grave" as they say, given the reactions of the Thais on hearing the sentence, it is obviously too light. A sentence doesn't give joy to the perpetrators, they should be dreaded of it and makes other people feel fearful, as a deterrent and lesson never to do it again. 5 years only is almost a mockery of the worth of a person's life.

Money No Enuf

on Tuesday, 14 February 2006
You know, I realised that given all the things I want to buy and own, discounting the really expensive ones, I can easily blow RM 10K in a book shop or a hobby shop. Sigh. Me and my possessive nature. "Possessive" is a trait my girlfriend identified. I didn't really think of it as "possessive" before; before she mentioned it, it was just a "want". Must... resist... temptations...

Juggling with the Time of your Life

on Saturday, 11 February 2006
I'm a loner at heart; which is the reason why news and gossip always reach my ears last (or not at all!). Is it a bad thing to be socially disinclined? In pure honesty, I'd rather play games or read a good book than go out on weekly or even nightly social activities. Disco? No thanks. Bar? Nah. Dinner? See-lah. Mamak? Maybe. I don't feel good turning down good friends. Sorry all.

Maybe I just need to trim away some of my interests. Perhaps give up on some things that I keep myself up-to-date with and focus more on other parts of my life. Which parts? Family and friends for starters. As life goes on, more and more people appear who'd need a share of your time and devotion. I know I've been neglecting alot of loved ones, especially the closer ones. Worse when I give unfair shares. Sometimes, I just feel reluctant to give out a share when my own share is already small. Or maybe I'm just blind to how much I'm hoarding to myself.

Life, I believe, is about personal enrichment and experience. But how do you specifically define that? By doing things that make you happy? By doing things that make others happy? Or somewhere in between? How much of your own life should be dedicated to others? How much is too much?

Religion aside, we only have a lifetime each. Is it really selfish and foolish to want to spend it to the betterment of the self? Is it really noble and praiseworthy to spend it to the betterment of others?

I think the corrects answers would both be yes. Without those who sacrifice, there won't be a better tomorrow. Life is not a lonely road. Life is all the more richer by the lives of others we enrich. Life is more about the giving than the receiving.

I'm still trying to convince myself. God help me.

English Problem

on Tuesday, 7 February 2006
When the government decided to steamroll the decision to have all Maths and Science subjects to be taught in English back in 2003, I had anticipated alot of problems, problems like this. There was simply not enough planning and consideration for the sudden switch from the national language to English. But the government probably thought this might force people to improve their English skills.

As it is, it's doubtful that it's been an effective move towards raising our national standards of English, Math and Science proficiency. It's rather shocking that our public universities, UPM, UKM, and UM are actually having problems teaching in English. The rub is that it's not the students who are facing problems, it's the lecturers themselves. Maybe these lecturers should attend English classes together with the students.