Guild Wars Nightfall

on Friday, 25 August 2006
Long time no post. ^-^

Guild Wars Nightfall, the third chapter of Guild Wars now has an official release date: October 27. WHAT?! That's like 2 months away! It's too damn early! Slow down. I still need more time to explore more of Guild Wars Factions (chapter 2)... sigh. So many games, so little time... I've practically abandoned all the other offline games now. Should I get the pre-release bonus pack? Tempted to. It'll probably cost RM25 or so. Should I get Collector's Edition (which I didn't get for the first 2 chapters)? It'll likely cost over RM200. Or just skip this chapter and wait for chapter 4 (since there's still alot more to do in the first two for me)? Hmm... decisions decisions... heh.

See also here and here for alot of images. Some of the screenshots looks really really beautiful, possibly better than Prophecies and Factions, in a refreshing sort of way. Love them! I am soooo tempted to buy it.