Favicon Problems

on Wednesday, 22 March 2006
Right after the del.icio.us tag cloud problem, I found out what a favicon is from here, and here. What's a favicon? It stands for "favourites icon". See that little icon that appears next to the URL in your browser window? It's that one. It's also the icon that appears when you bookmark a page. Apparently, Microsoft created it as a means to tracking who's bookmarking whom, but modern browsers display all the time, making it moot.

The icon has to be a 16 by 16 pixels icon by the name of "favicon.ico", for full compatibility (although Firefox and some other browsers still display it if you provide .png or .gif, but not IE). I actually had fun creating it... and have been trying to find a web host to put it in, since Blogger apparently doesn't allow uploading of .ico files. Darn it. I tried a couple of supposedly free web hosts, but they're usually meant more for online storage than web hosting, or they have some usage limitations. Oh well. I thought of Geocities as well, but they do have this clause saying you can't use it for hosting images. I kinda lazy to go set up a facade page just to let me link to a .ico file... oh well. I'll get around to it (*dlim puts appends a new task to his long to-do list*)

Oh, and in case anybody's interested, here are some favicon generators: this and that.

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