Another DDO Review

on Tuesday, 7 March 2006
Sigh. Look at this preview. Doesn't sound so optimistic for DDO. Even worse when the user comments mostly rant about the game. Sure, there are positive reviews, but I think the general conclusion is that it's not really a breakthrough. Just another MMORPG that adopts Guild Wars idea of instanced dungeons. Problem is, it's also charging a monthly subscription and has much less content and poorer graphics. Darn. Maybe I'll just wait for the Guild Wars expansion, Factions, and try it out with the prerelease invitation key a friend was kind enough to send my way.

EDIT 20060308-1757: It's funnny why review articles like this and this gives a very good rating, yet player comments are almost contradictory. Is it because the players who really like the game are too busy playing and have no time to rebute these nay-sayers? From all accounts, it's a very group-oriented game, almost exactly like PnP D&D. I wonder if all those nay-sayers are simply too used to the typical and numerous level-grinding MMOs available. But then again, the relatively small amount of content, plus the fact that some players are able to max out their level in a week or so does make the game quite repetitive. It might still be worth a try, perhaps much more so when more content have been released.

3 responses:

Anonymous said...
12/3/06 09:09

D&D Online is a great game but it has it's issues no better or worse than most of MMOs out there. One thing is that you can reach the max level of 11 in about 3 months of game plays. Personally with voice chat, deadly dungeons, theives who play a real role and real-time combat; this a great game. It is one of the most exciting MMOs that I have played in a long time.

Yoshi said...
13/3/06 00:57

u can voice chat in GW and other MMOs with teamspeak or ventrilo. :)

David said...
13/3/06 15:12

That's weird... I thought DDO only had 10 levels... and I've heard claims of maxing that in 3-4 days, 1 week tops.