Media collection organizer

on Thursday, 20 September 2007
Libra is a free collection organizer software does tracks your books, audio CDs, movies, and games (for now apparently). It is only free for non-commercial use of course.

It hooks up to the Amazon database for its searches, although there's nothing stopping you from adding you own stuff.

The features highlighted on its website are:
  • Turn your webcam into a barcode scanner (sounds impressive! no webcam to try...)
  • Lightning speed database (not exactly lightning, but fast nonetheless)
  • Track who borrowed your stuff (nice! provided I remember who borrowed what prior to this...)
  • Print beautiful catalogs (interesting, those I prefer to save on ink ;)
  • Share your collection online (I'll have to get some friends to try this)
  • Attention to detail (yes, it looks prefer good, supports custom skins too)
  • Import existing collection (from a couple of applications, most notably MS Excel)
  • Extensible & Flexible (claims it is designed to support any collection)

Other stuff not mentioned include a built-in browser for their forums and the ability to edit item details (and reset, based on Amazon) as well as adding your own notes. A feature I found to be very very useful is being able to specify custom actions to items, such as creating a command that automatically fires up a playlist or opens up the PDF of a book. Another thing I like is that I actually like the cheeky tone they used for their website. Nice touch, hehe.

All-in-all, I'm quite impressed. I'm gonna keep it around and catalogue my collection of stuffs using it. I'll probably merge all my other mechanisms for keeping track of stuff into this!

The mourning of Robert Jordan

on Tuesday, 18 September 2007
Robert Jordan has sadly succumbed to his illness and died 2 days ago. He was the author of many well-known books including some on Conan the Barbarian and the famous the Wheel of Time series. The final book of that 12-part series remains unfinished. A moment of silence for an author whose books I thoroughly enjoy reading.