Tag Cloud

on Tuesday, 21 March 2006
I'm half-way through adding tags to all my old posts. I'm just tagging along as I have the free time for. I've just added FreshTags to my template as well. It's a fun way to integrate my tags with my blog by providing filters and topic organisation. Granted that my blog isn't really so widely read at all and is rather pointless, I still like the organisation. I used to just prefix my post titles with a one-word description of the post. gave me a really fun way of organising my stuffs (I'm a sucker for organisation), and FreshTags help with the filtering. Cool!

Oh, I digress. My main reason for this post is just to show my tags as a tag cloud. But, apparently, blogger blocks the script tag from being used inside a post. Which means I can't actually show my tag cloud inside a post... darn it. I suppose it helps prevent malicious scripts from being embedded inside a post. Oh well. I'll think of something.

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