Sexually-motivated Fools

on Friday, 27 June 2003
The Sun today carried another news article about an Indon woman who was gang-raped by 8 men and then left on a road shoulder in Shah Alam. The rape part of the article: heinous and barbaric. I still say yes to castration for those animals. People know how to control their base-level emotions, animals don't. The "leaving on roadside" part occurs in many a gang rape. That part is plain stupid, dumb, idiotic and downright moronic. What? They think the victim won't report them? They think the victim would just call a taxi, go home and forget about it? Talk about fools if they think they could get away.

When are we going to castrate all of them!!! Look at how effective it was in curbing unwanted sexual activities back in ancient China where the Emperor doesn't have to worry about his eunuchs and concubines cheating on him. ^-^