My Ambition... an Express Bus Driver

on Thursday, 19 June 2003
The Star today carried an article on the proposal to raise the speed limit of express buses. Our Transport Minister parliamentary secretary Datuk Donald Lim was reported saying:

"Companies should discourage their drivers from trying to maximise the number of trips just for additional income."

I kinda find it amusing. No offense to Datuk Lim but I think the statement was made in bad taste. Getting income is the main, if not the only, reason those drivers drive. Most assuredly it's not for love of the job. If given the opportunity, I would want extra income too. Similarly for the express bus companies, they want to maximise their profits too.

If the drivers were to drive less frequently, they would have less money to feed their families, the express bus companies would earn less profit (which in turn slightly slows economic growth), and customers will find it even harder to get tickets (less trips = less tickets), especially during peak periods (before and after no-work days i.e. Mondays, Fridays, holidays). I know, I take regular trips south. Better screening and training for careful drivers would probably be more successful in the long term.

Just had to let something out. Not a very good day today.