My Missing Heart

on Monday, 23 June 2003
Well, I'm browsing for other people's blogs to add to my blogs list of reads. I wonder how people do that? Also, I should take some time out to look at the additional stuffs that people add to their blogs (like feedback, counters, and such). It's been quite a looooong time since I managed a website.

I'm chatting with my girlfriend on ICQ. Yes, she went home. She tagged along when her brother came up for a day. Sigh. You can miss someone so much that just seeing that someone, and then having to say goodbye too soon, will just make you miss that someone so much MUCH more! :`( My missing heart. Double meaning: missing her and my heart's missing (cos it's next to her). Argh!!

Sometimes I regret asking her to work at home. She's been studying in KL for awhile and I thought that since she's going to be living in KL (hee*2, marriage, what else?), I just thought she should stay at home with her family for at least a year or two. Bad choice? I dunno. Can't be too selfish I guess. But she did have a point when she said that if she worked here, it would be much easier for her to go home and see her family than it is to come up and see me. The excuse would be good: Going home. But right now the excuse: go see boyfriend, is definitely not workable... Oh well. I can tahan! (means "endure" in Malay)