After SARS, we have DVVT

on Thursday, 19 June 2003
Anyone else felt irritated by that new Perodua advertisement for their Kembara DVVT? I did. Quite irritated actually at the way they decided to market their new vehicle.

The way they did was lie DVVT was some sort of disease. My mom actually thought it really was some sort new disease since she doesn't understand much English (when she saw the ad on TV). Is this poor taste on the part of the advertisers/Perodua? Or is it just me? I find that this is kinda like making light of the SARS problem and doesn't take into consideration the real danger and fear experienced by SARS victims and their families.

I donno, maybe I'm just overreacting.

Another point which I find funny was the two points highlighted by the advertisement: "Faster" and "Overtaking Power". And here the government and most of the public (not me :P though) are trying to get people to drive slower and safer.