Links and stuffs

on Saturday, 21 June 2003
Slowly adding more links to other blogs. Kinda difficult to read and find those that I like in one go.

Since I'm on links, anyone heard of Colorgenics? There's a free test there that I take regularly: Mood Analysis. You have to click on a couple of colour cubes in order of which colour you feel most in-tune with. It's not a rushed thing, you're supposed to take your time. Instructions are in the test itself. Anyway, what I find most intriguing about it is that the analysis is very acurate. So far (average once a month, almost a year now), the results haven't generated things I didn't agree with.

And speaking of tests (yes, I'm quite a test freak), there are tonnes of them at Emode, but you'd have to open an account. If you don't want to, try out The nice thing about the latter is that you actually get a comparison of your results with people who've already taken it.

My girlfriend is on her way up! Ahhh, sweet. I totally understand the difficulties of long-distance relationships. Can get lonely at times. But it makes meetings all the more valuable. I just hope we won't get smacked with summons for a walk in the park!!! ;)