Lack of Manpower? or Willpower?

on Thursday, 19 June 2003
Rising cases of snatch thefts and rape: lack of manpower. Uncollected summons: lack of manpower. Illegally and dangerously parked cars: lack of manpower. Reckless driving and speeding on highways: lack of manpower. Rampant piracy of intellectual properties: lack of manpower. Easily obtainable pornographic VCDs: lack of manpower. (I'm sure there's more but nothing comes to mind right now, so I'll end.) PM starts commenting on pirated and pornographic VCDs: suden burst of manpower for commendable results. Ministers on the road: no lack of enforcement escorts.

Someone said: "You can do anything you put your minds to"; how true.

PS: No one mentioned pirated software, so it's still pretty available.