Still busy

on Wednesday, 23 July 2003
Rushing to do a lot of things. My girlfriend was referred to a good job and will be moving up to KL. Nice. Went up to Genting last Sunday for an overnight stay. It rained a little up there so it was pretty cold and not much rides were open. I've been on those roller coasters quite a lot of times already anyway. But that Slingshot ride was new... and totally exciting. It's sort of like bungee jumping: u get strapped into a seat, lifted up high, and then u fall down real fast, stop fast, shoot back up fast, then fall fast again, and repeating... each getting shorter and closer to the ground. I admit I've never been feeling so scared of a ride before... and we went twice (cos she wanted too, and me being a man, well, it's just too hard to say "u go ahead yourself", :P). Didn't go on much indoor rides though, and boy has it changed; it's been years since I was last up there for holiday. The new Snow World and Haunted Adventure looked fun, but we didn't go cos I kinda feel such attractions would be much more fun when there's a big group of friends or family. But we did go to the new Ripley's Believe It Or Not Exhibition. Pretty interesting things if you liked the show, and there's quite a lot of things to see too, not to mention they'll periodically change the exhibits.