First Lecture

on Friday, 25 July 2003
Phew! Just had my first lecture. It finished pretty early, considering it was the first and most of the material were basic stuffs. I wonder if I did all right? My mouth and throat were really dry after talking for so long. This is so very different from the tutorials and practical sessions that I had done before. I was quite nervous last night, but during the class, I was calm enough. Some of the students were pretty bored, it's so obvious - one even yawned. Sigh. We all don't like boring lectures but I really wonder how I can keep their attention without boring them. I remember certain teachers or lecturers that simply commanded attention, and when they're lecturing, it's tough to feel sleepy. I wonder how they do that.... Oh well, hopefully I'll figure it out soon. I give myself a passing mark for my first ever lecture ^-^.