As an Educator

on Monday, 7 July 2003
I'm going to start work as a lecturer soon (though it probably won't be a permanent job just yet). I'm getting pretty nervous. The start of the next semester's just around the corner. And no, it's not a public university and it's not a college, so I suppose that should narrow things down. Not going to name, as I'm still not used to the idea of exposing everything around me (except those I've already exposed on the sidebar).

So far, 25 students are confirmed *gasp*. What? So it's not that much, but it's still the first group of students who's going to depend on me for that subject! *shudder* Having been a tutor didn't seem to help much... sure, those were my students too, but I was there as an assistant. Now, full responsibility is on my shoulders. *sigh* What if I can't impart what I know? What if they don't understand what the freak I'm talking about? How the hell am I going to drag a lecture for two long hours?! What if someone complains? Oh boy... getting out of hand.

Oh well, at least I've seen enough lecturers to know what NOT to do. And I hope they agree to break up the lecture into 2 sessions.