The Belief System

on Wednesday, 9 July 2003
Jas directed to me some atheists' sites in response to my previous entry on religion (July 2). I'm not a free-thinker. Definitely not one. I guess it's the fact that while I don't believe in the "rightness" of religions, I do believe in divinity. Somehow, I do get the feeling that there is a God somewhere out there, but it's just He/She/It is much more passive and doesn't care about how what we do. It's just like watching ants go about their business. How long would your attention span last if I told you to keep an eye on those ants crawling on your wall about their business? I'd more often than not smash my fingers into them! Muah-hah-hah-ha!!!

Ahem... Dead Serious Warning! Following paragraphs would be considered blasphemous by MOST if not ALL religions!

And just a little pondering: Did God create the world? If so, who created God? How did God exist in the first place? There's an alternate answer: Evolution created the world, WE created God. Wait, wait, before you all start screaming curses (again!) let me explain my thoughts. First off though, if anyone has at least more than passing knowledge of the world of Dungeons & Dragons (it's an RPG) and/or read Raymond E. Feist's fantasy novels. Anyway, since most people would be inclined to agree that our minds are incredily complex, and some believe that we are capable of extraordinary feats such as ESP, telekinesis, precognition and such. There's also this phrase: "If we put our minds to it, we could accomplish anything."

What's the whole point? Well, I'm just offering some reference to my thought: that because we humans have believed in the divinity for so long, divinity simply came into existence!! Incredible? Unbelievable? Think my basis is simply too baseless? Remember X-files? Or rather specifically one episode (I don't remember which season) about killer cockroaches. It deals with something call mass hysteria. That's just scratching the surface on the science behind our minds and our belief systems. Did you know that you can't always trust your mind? Sadly, I don't have links and no more time to search. It's said that our minds are horribly logical things, it simply has to interpreted in a manner in which it can be stored. If you encounter something that defies explanation, somehow, your mind will put it in focus and you'll "understand" it. This is actually one of the explanations given to (vague) reports of UFO sightings and ghosts. Because we simply couldn't explain it logically, our mind simply attributes it to the next best thing. And the problem is, the moment our mind conmes to a conclusion, it's so ingrained as a truth it's extremely difficult to debunk or disprove. But I'm digressing.

Still think there's no basis for my idea? How about this: I'm sure we've all heard of doctors who claim that some patients who were not expected to recover, miraculously recovered. Act of God or his angels? Before we go in that direction, how about: Belief? and Will? The patient (and maybe family/friends) so desperately wanted to recover that his body responded supernaturally. What about those yoga masters who undergo isolation, sensory deprivation and starvation? Mind over matter. Our mind is infinitely powerful, as long as one knows how to use it.

Still not accepting even the slightest possibility that our belief through the millenias could have brought divinity into existence by the mere power of thought? Well how about... oh heck, nothing more to add. I better stop typing. You may not accept it, but it's still a logical thought, right? I welcome arguments.