Realms of Evil Pantheon

on Wednesday, 5 October 2005
For those who play D&D 3.0 and 3.5, and looking for a custom and very interesting evil-themed pantheon, I'd recommend these created by KingOfChaos in the forums of the Realms of Evil (more in D&D Links in the sidebar). Mature rating of course, in case you're offended by dark, but very creative, ideas. RPGers only I suppose.

For those who don't know, here's a quick overview: deities are divine beings in game worlds that grant power to their worshippers, who in turn channels the divine energy into spells and other abilities. Each deity is often aligned to particular theme, idea, or philosophy (termed portfolio), such as the sun, good, greed, nobility, etc. While there are hundreds and thousands of custom-designed deities for even more campaign worlds, this pantheon (a collection of deities) takes all portfolios traditionally aligned to good deities and twists them in a creative and diabolical way to fit an evil deity. Nice!

Realms of Evil Pantheon
  • Felmara - She of the Whip, Denier of Death, The Crippled Hand of Healing, Merciless Mother
  • Kromentar - Ruin of Knowledge, The Scar on Reality, The Overmind, The Master Liar
  • Marchion - The Father of Invention, Flesh Hater, Death’s Factory, Bonecrusher
  • Shevari - Mother of the Lost, Keeper of the Woods, The Dire Druid, The Killing Earth
  • Sinesstra - The Dark Lover, The Hand of Betrayal, Lady of Grief, Murdering Matron
  • Sorsancrot - The Winds of Death, Plague Lord of the Wind, The Fickle King, Traveler’s Bane
  • Zinraak - Nightkiller, The Grand Tyrant, Giver of Deserts, The Ashfather, Hunter of Shadows

Edit: The forum was moved. Updated the links.

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