Another one of those if-onlys

on Thursday, 22 September 2005
Sleepy, sleepy... ZZZZzzzzzzzz No time to sleep much.

Just the other day, my sis and I got into the topic of how some people would actually complain about there being nothing to do and feeling bored. It's been a loooooonnnggg while since we last had such a feeling. So we wondered whether the problem is with us or with them.

An idea hit me at the time, inspired by a recent advertisement of Celcom (Malaysian mobile communications services provider) promoting their latest service: the sharing of phone credit. You could actually request/send credit to/from someone else. Then I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to send and receive time...

Imagine if I could just request an extra hour or two from a friend of mine who has nothing better to do. When my friend accepts, time would suddenly slow down a bit for me, and speed up a bit for my friend. Everybody's happy. Sigh, if only.

Is it really just me that I have so many things I want to do, but simply no time to do them all?

Oh well, wishful thinking, I know. This is probably even more unlikely that my other wishful thinking: a pill that replaces the need for sleep. :P

3 responses:

Janice said...
22/9/05 14:14

Wow, you do have a great idea on the time sharing thingy. IF ONLY it can happens, then I'll surely buy!!! ;)

neotrax said...
23/9/05 11:43

fantastic!! maybe you should try working on that while you have free time and then market it to the nations. i would be glad to help you if it works!!! hehehe!!

Li Wen said...
25/9/05 22:03

Sigh, if only my memory is as good as before. Then I wouldn't be needing so much time for studying and learning. I just couldn't remember what I've studied.

Too bad I ain't going for medical, or else I might come up with some no-need-sleep pill... ="=