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on Wednesday, 5 October 2005
In case anyone's interested, and since I remembered neotrax's post on diamonds, I found a little primer on the wedding bands as well. More importantly, it talks about platinum versus white gold, and another on platinum wedding bands.

In summary of those links, here's are a few points which I think are interesting and rather significant:
  • A ton of platinum ore only produces about an ounce (~28.35 grams) of platinum.
  • Platinum is at least as strong as white gold, if not more.
  • Platinum 950/1000 means 95% platinum. The other 5% is alloyed for casting and shaping purposes so it doesn't matter. But do note that some are 900/1000 (90%) platinum.
  • White gold and yellow gold are the same metal, but different alloy.
  • Yellow gold is gold alloyed with copper, zinc, and silver.
  • White gold is gold alloyed with copper, zinc, and nickel.
  • 24 karat gold is 100% gold. Pure gold is actually quite soft, softer than silver. It scratches easily. 18 karat gold is about 75% gold, while 14 karat gold is about 58.33% gold. The less gold in it, the more scratch-resistant, but less "gold-looking".
  • A scratch on platinum or white gold is not an actual visible scratch. Platinum scratches causes furrows to build up on the metal, making it look frosted. Scratches on white gold actually removes metal, causing it to lose its whiteness and look yellow-ish.
  • Apparently, burnishing a platinum back to shine is actually cheaper than doing the same for white gold. Platinum burnishing involves pushing or flattening the built-up furrows. Burnishing white gold usually involves coating on a layer of Rhodium (white-ish metal), possibly every 2 to 3 years. Platinum will always be white.
  • Most interesting is that it tells of retailers biasing towards white gold due to reasons of economy. It makes more business sense to get rid of their white gold stock (since it's cheaper than platinum) than to order a new platinum band.

4 responses:

wyejon said...
6/10/05 00:12

I'm gonna bookmark this!

neotrax said...
6/10/05 18:01

very interesting facts which indeed adds to my wedding ring knowledge.

so, at the end of the day, which one did you choose?

if it's me, i would go for platinum if i'm dead rich. hehehe!!

Janice said...
9/10/05 14:53

Seems like the guys are more interested to learn more about diamonds! Or is it only those NICE GUYS like the 3 of you? ^_^

neotrax said...
12/10/05 10:52

everything that you don't know in life is an interesting thing to know esp diamonds coz it involves your future and wallet. hehehe!!