Original Games

on Wednesday, 7 September 2005
Here I am looking for original games again. I've already bought a couple, but I plan on buying the original ones or games I really like, now that I can afford them once in a while. Problem is, it's really hard to find a good one.

I recently bought a Baldur's Gate 2 Collection box. It was a bit of a rip-off at RM169 and only containing 5 CDs. If they had included the manual and the map, it would've been fine. I wonder if the shop itself the one doing the packaging. Damn it. Having the manual and its assorted accessories is part of the reason for collecting original games.

Has anyone seen Neverwinter Nights and its expansions (two of them) being sold anywhere? It's really hard to find. The store in Sunway Pyramid says they don't carry it anymore. Sigh. Should I buy it from BioWare's store? I'd like to, but I hate our Malaysian customs, as digital media is not something they normally allow, which is why sites like Amazon don't ship to Malaysia. Sucks.

Anyone bought from PC Game before? I don't know, but it feels fishy. I'm just paranoid I guess, about a commercial website that has English problems. But then again, what local website doesn't have English problems? Even MPH's webstore does. But anyway, that site doesn't carry Neverwinter Nights anymore. It only carries new games. But I wouldn't have bought from there anyway. Doesn't have much of a customer confidence or customer feedback mechanisms.

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neotrax said...
15/9/05 15:49

original games!! wow!! it's quite expensive for a piece of entertainment.

you stop blogging for almost a year and here you back in business!!

Seymour Cakes said...
17/9/05 11:08

Welcome back man. We miss you. :-p

wyejon said...
19/9/05 03:22

wow david... one year absence from blogging man! lol...

David said...
19/9/05 15:51

Hmm... is there a blogger alert of some sort that I'm not aware of? :D

Yeah, ori games... some of them 'manyak mahal o... for collection purposes mah.

Tickles_Tapeworm said...
20/9/05 17:45

Is eBay an option for you? If so, I'd go that route.

Janice said...
20/9/05 18:46

A year is quite some time lor... but at least you are back... So, welcome back and Happy Blogging... ^_^

David said...
21/9/05 16:43

Hmmm, eBay might be a risky source, considering several factors:

There are restrictions against buying things like electrical appliances, certain books, CDs, and DVDs. That's why Amazon doesn't ship here at all. Even if it's a private mail, the customs agent seems to have a right to open up any package and confiscate stuffs. So the buyer bears the cost AND the lost of item... which just sounds risky. That's the impression of small bit of knowledge I've gleaned. Not sure how accurate I am though.

The second problem would be our postman. We all know that some of our postmen can't read things like "fragile", or "this side up" or "do not fold"... :P

And thanks Janice :)