Updated Pricing for Nightfall

on Thursday, 14 September 2006
Looks like there's an update for the pricing. Guild Wars Nightfall standard edition (SE) will cost RM149. The pre-release bonus pack will cost RM40. Getting both will be RM174 (RM15 rebate on the bonus pack). The price for the Collector's Edition (CE) is still under revision, but given the changes due to tax, I'd say getting the CE plus the bonus pack is gonna cost more than RM250... hmm... still undecided which to get. I didn't buy the CE for the first two chapters, so maybe I shouldn't start now.

And remember guys, it's 1pm on the 17th of September, at the Pinnacle Lounge in Cititel Hotel, Mid Valley. My guild, the Goda Vos [GV] and the other large Malaysian guild, the Celestial Order [CO] will likely turn out in force to show support.


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