Dream Job

on Monday, 21 November 2005
I dream about having a job in a games company like Blizzard or BioWare, famous makers of the Warcraft series of games and the Neverwinter Nights series respectively. Or perhaps Turbine Inc., developer of the upcoming D&D Online (woohoo!!). Or even Magic: The Gathering Online. Apparently, there is one more job that would be even better: the Pro Gamer. Check out this news on Johnathan Wendel. It felt unbelieveable, but see this interview and the same news posted on Yahoo! News. I think that fella just become my idol... a six-figure salary! Gaming! He even has this snazzy-looking website, Fatal1ty, his screen name, and his own branded merchandise. Wow. I feel so insignificant.

3 responses:

neotrax said...
24/11/05 14:29

come on dude!! get out there and start to make your dream come true. sitting down where you are ain't gonna make you achieve your dreams. ganbatte!!

craetech said...
24/11/05 16:10


We all share your enthusiasm. It is truely great to do what you love as a job. Confuscious said, "Love what you do, and you won't have to work a single day of your life.". Wise words these are.

I personally am also trying to head this direction. So update us (or just me :D) on your progress towards this dream and maybe I'll just join you on this journey.


ck said...
1/12/05 11:06

steady bombibi man, u EL today. i guess u have started ur first step to make ur dream job come true. lemme know hows ur indian temple tomolo. haha