Disposable Email

on Thursday, 10 November 2005
Ever been in situations where you need to use a valid email to register a service you'd only want to use once? Such as trial versions of software you're checking out, or registering for forums you just want to browse for answers once? These are times when you'd rather not give away your primary or secondary email addresses.

Mailinator has a good answer. Simply come up with any email address you want (15 characters max.) and use it for whatever purpose requires a valid email address. For example, "sendthistome@mailinator.com", or "whatyouwant123@mailinator.com". Once the email is sent, just go to the above website, and check your inbox using your randomly thought up email as the inbox name. Tada! Your email's right there.

The only drawback I can think of is that you'd probably not want sensitive information sent this way, since anyone could potentially think up the same "random" email as you did.

2 responses:

Li Wen said...
10/11/05 20:07

Cool and useful.
Will save up a lot of time signing in various email accounts (to prevent spam on the main one) just to check some specific mails.

Janice said...
14/11/05 00:35