Warhammer Online

on Wednesday, 3 December 2008
The latest patch of 1.0.6 to Warhammer Online is massive, containing balance fixes, bug fixes, general improvements, as well as the addition of two new classes: the Knight of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard, which were previously cut from release due to time constraints.

So far, I've been enjoying the game tremendously (yea, the subscription fee is a pain, but bearable). My man character is a Witch Hunter. While Guild Wars still holds a special spot for me, this is definitely something that will tide me over until Guild Wars 2 comes out (at least, that's the plan, who knows, I'm already getting addicted, heh).

What I love about it is that the PvE side is not boring (especially if you love really rich background stories and lore). What's even better is when you get to RvR (Realm versus Realm). Search for videos on Youtube, there's already an incredibly large number.

What I really really miss from Guild Wars (and where EA Mythic can improve) is instantaneous map travel, shared character storage, and more beautiful graphics. Cutting down travel time, better item sharing between characters of the same account, and better art will definitely improve an already impressive game.

And for players around the UTC+8 timezone, there are Malaysian guilds (with a smattering of other nationalities) on the Ironclaw server. For Order, check out Vosian (me in this guild). For Destruction, check out Celestial Order (my Guild Wars guild).

For Warhammer resources, check out WarDB, TheWarWiki, HammerWiki, and the Warhammer portal on GamePressure.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Tier 4 Keep Siege RvR:

3 responses:

Yoshigar Highstone said...
5/12/08 11:17

Map travel would kill the purpose of having a mount. The most they could do is to allow more rally points to be stored in our book of binding. :)

What are really miss from GW are the minimap ping and drawings, target calling and xunlai agents :P

Craetheus said...
5/12/08 11:51

That's an interesting idea to expand on; Mythic should allow us to buy an additional book of binding, but of course the 1 hr cooldown should apply to prevent abuse.

Well, with WAR released not more than 2 mths (and being under EA), we can expect much more in coming patch releases. Evidently, Mythic has been bringing in more features to further polish and "complete" the game.

And they fixed my hand in 1.0.6! My off-hand equipped tome was previously clipping through my fingers causing a disturbingly Chaotic roleplay feel.

David said...
5/12/08 14:03

I think they're planning to allow one additional binding location in 1.1.

Clipping issues is bad, making some hairstyles and face combinations impossible to use.