Turning a Page

on Wednesday, 10 May 2006
I am, right now, officially an ex-staff of my company, joining a whole bunch of those who left before me. It's a been an interesting journey, full of ups and downs, hates and loves, and bittersweet memories. People who could've made a difference has gone before me, and people who are probably better off in a competitor's employ are still in the company, and still there are people left to carry on the slow (very!) march onwards. On the one hand, I feel sad that I'm leaving this part of my life behind, but excited at the start of something new. It's a weird mix of feelings when I start handing over the work that I've been doing for the better part of my 2-year-plus time in the company. It's like giving away my blood and sweat and all those long nights. In a way, it's a relief as well, to no longer have to look at it... :P Oh well, the next chapter is here, and I'm definitely looking forward to see what it contains.

4 responses:

wyejon said...
10/5/06 19:26

welcome to the club dude... we welcome u with arms wide open

Janice said...
12/5/06 19:14

All the best to you!!

yoshirainz said...
13/5/06 11:35

Wish you all the best for ur new career and thanks for being such a great colleague and friend :)

siewmun said...
16/5/06 15:54

what else can i say that welcome to the group...hehe we have waited u long enuff and u no longer the "i dunno" dlim lor. hehe