Not Enough Time

on Tuesday, 24 January 2006
Is it just me or do most people realise that time is an extremely limited resource? I have this ex-colleague who finds the time to read books, read mangas (Japanese comics), watch anime (usually Japanese animations), read ebooks, watch movies, watch TV series, watch reality shows, play games (PC and PS2), as well as find the time to work. Everything's appears to be done in a volume or quantity that's more than me. Is it really true that everyone gets the same amount of time? I'm starting to doubt that. Or maybe it's just because I have other time-consuming activities... like driving to and from house every week day, or going shopping (not fully my idea... :P ) Sigh.

Let's see... I'm currently reading 2 novels, with 34 more sitting on the shelf, following 4 mangas, catching up on 2 animes, with at least 5 more lining up to be watched, about half-a-dozen movies I wanted to watch but haven't found the time, currently playing 3 PC games, waiting for the time to play another 4 PC games (2 of them MMORPG), playing 1 PS (yes PS, I don't have PS2) game, have 3 other PS games lined up, 2 gaming news websites to cover, articles and forums for D&D and MtG to catch up on, technology news to watch, and development forums to check out.

And those are just my leisure stuffs. There are alot of chores I need to be doing. Dental checkup, checking up on my housing loan, wedding plans, cleaning up my storage space, preventing my cacti my really dying off, fixing a bad scatch on my car, keep my car washed and clean, spring cleaning, as well as keeping up a semblance of activity on this blog. That's all I can currently recall.

Sigh. How can time ever be enough. Or maybe I'm just trying to do too many things at once. Life is at such a fast pace. I should probably really sit down and figure out exactly what I want from it before it's over.

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