A New Beginning

on Sunday, 11 December 2005
Know what? My engagement ring is sitting on my girlfriend's finger. And you all know what that means... Woohoo! I'm now engaged and no longer available (not that anyone else really cares whether I'm available or not...).

And that's not the only thing that's marking the start of another phase of my life. We just placed our booking for a rather nice house; it comes with a rather big price tag but we have support and encouragement from both families so we went ahead.

Wow, two big commitments in a single day. Time to really grow up (and tighten my belt... no more snacks and supper). Have to budget things really carefully now, both to pay the initial payment as much as possible, and to leave enough to get some basic furnishings as well as preparations for the coming marriage.

Thank you Lord for such a wonderful family. Thank the Lord for my beloved. And thank the Lord for all His blessings.

10 responses:

wyejon said...
12/12/05 01:38

Hey man... glad to hear ya getting engaged. Have you booked the place for wedding dinner yet? Gotta do it 1-2 years in advance, ok.

David said...
12/12/05 08:52

Man of experience? yeah, I heard was hoping some restaurant still got slots on not-so-auspicious days. No pantang on both sides.

Muncher said...
12/12/05 10:37


Li Wen said...
12/12/05 19:07

All the best.

James Khoo said...
15/12/05 11:41

Wow, u are faster then me....good for u..I still have whole Jungle to adventure, and you could only stick on a tree

neotrax said...
15/12/05 17:00

Congratulations Dude!!

How about sharing some proposing tips with us here. Hehehehe!!!

Ben said...
15/12/05 23:37

Woah, congrats mate! Praise God. Really didn't expect to hear that from you.

Janice said...
18/12/05 00:24

Congrates to both David & his fiance! *claps *claps ^_^

Samlulu said...
19/12/05 22:50

Congrats Dlim!!! I m so happy for u.. finally u hv proposed with ring n a house...bravo!!!

All the Best!!!

Seymour Cakes said...
31/12/05 10:15

Congrats man!!!