Dungeons and Dragons!

on Tuesday, 24 August 2004
Know what's better than my dream job of working as a computer games developer? A computer games developer developing games for Dungeons & Dragons!!!

After reading about the continued development on D&D Online, I wish I could be a part of that team. Such a lucky bunch of people. I really do believe that being really really busy at something you really really love (and getting paid for it) is a wonderful thing. The best one can ask for in a career.

In case you've been in some isolated camp away from urban civilised areas for the last couple of decades and have not heard of Dungeons & Dragons, I'll give a quick intro. But then, if you didn't, you probably wouldn't be reading this would you now? DnD is a role-playing game (it's the role-playing game (RPG). It's the father of RPG. RPGs are where you create a character and begin role-playing him or her in adventures designed and narrated by the Dungeon Master (a
fellow human who's in charge of how the game progresses). It's hard to explain in a paragraph., especially when I'm doing this during work :P I meant to type this several days ago too.

Check out the DnD quick links I have on the sidebar. It'll all open in a new window.

One more thing: D&D Miniatures.

I think it's better than Magic The Gathering, which is getting becoming too commercialised with all must-have rare and very rare cards out there. I'm seiously considering get some start packs, even if it's just to collect the miniatures. They simply look so good compared to other miniature games. I wonder if there's any active player group in Subang... Maybe I'll find the time to play... sigh. Guess not.

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craetech said...
16/9/05 17:03

As the saying goes, "If you enjoy your job, you won't have to work a single day of your life." (or something like that. Sorry, bad memory ;'p).

There are many free games out there willing to accept new development members, usually a mod of some l33t engine. They work only on their free time and don't get paid, so the more the merrier. I passively participate in the development of an ultra-realism modern day infantry mod using the Unreal Tournament platform named Infiltration (http://infiltration.sentrystudios.net/) but I guess you're not into military warfare.

More to your liking, there's also another D&D like MMORPG that's in development that's for free named Majik 3D (http://www.majik3d.org/). They plan to create a world whereby there's no NPCs so that shopkeepers, farmers, weaponsmiths, city guards, etc. are all human players. There's also economy that's controlled by players, as well as quests generated by human players as the role of city owner (reward for executing players known to always kill newbies, etc.). Also, quests could be in the form of eliminating giant spider infestation near the city (fauna can "breed" and reproduce as there's also an ecosystem). Simply put, it's a world on its own governed by player interactions.

Really good and unique concept. Unfortunately, they lack in developers and production is almost at a stand-still when they lost their propriety engine due to legal reasons. They're attempting to re-build the engine ground up.

David said...
19/9/05 16:41

Interesting this Majik... and I do realise the sheer number of free games on the net, both single-player and multi-player. The problem is that I lack the time to play..., much less develop. But then again, there are people who think developing is playing.

harvir said...
2/10/05 22:51

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3/10/05 20:28

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