Guess not...

on Sunday, 24 August 2003
Guess I'm not altogether dropping this. I'll post when I have something to gripe about. I wanted to rant about the 'craze' that's been sweeping through a lot of our politicians, the one about how the act of raising one's national flag can instill patriotism (and yet still littering or proposing to change the national anthem); but I didn't. Figured it was kinda redundant and pointless. It's not like us saying something's going to change things.

And guess I'm not done with the religion issue either (mentioned before, it's just a month or 2 back). It seems that it is true that the more you attempt to convert someone to your religion and way of thinking, the more you'll succeed in antagonising and alienating them from it. At least, it's true for me. It's kinda like requiring me to change my lifestyle, my principles, and my way of thought simply for the sake of abstract concepts and rather idealistic goals. To change for the sake of changing is not an easy thing. Things are going downhill. I wonder how it'll turn out... hoping (praying? yeah right, like He'd listen, considering that I'm denying Him) for the best. Sigh.